In this chaotic time, refugees roam the land. Provide them with a place where they may call home is the first step to build your kingdom. Besides, the more peasants settle down in your city, the more tax you may collect. Start sheltering them by building Cottages. Increase your city population.

Quests RequiredEdit


Quests UnlockedEdit

-Listen to the People




Build a CottageEdit


New lord of bravery and justice, make a good plan to prepare for a steady development and rational management, which counts for much in your newly established city. Cottages offer shelter to people. Time to build cottages to attract more people to reside and thus increase population steadily.


Inside the city, left-click a clearing, and build a level 1 Cottage.


- Cottage reaches level 1

Cost & RewardEdit

Cost Reward Net Gain
Food 100 200 100
Lumber 500 1000 500
Stone 125 200 75
Iron 100 100 0
Population 0 30 30
Lu Ban Leaflet 0 1 1