Name: The name of a normal hero can be changed, high heroes names cannot be changed

Level: A hero gains a level when they acquire the required amount of experience, every upgrade gains one attribute point and 1 maneuver. Attributes can be distributed on Politics, Bravery, and Intelligence.

Experience: Experience is required for a hero to gain a level.

Physical: Marching consumes physical, it recovers slowly on its own but can be accelerated by applying medicines.

Mental: Using stratagems consumes mental, it recovers slowly on its own but can be accelerated by applying medicines.

Maneuver: Every time a hero gains a level, 1 maneuver is added. Maneuver determines the amplifying effect. 1 Maneuver affects 100 troops and 1000 soldiers.

Speed: 1 speed increases tempo of troop by 1%, Speed is increased by mounts.

Offense: Amplifies siege by 1% for every 10 offense. Offense = Bravery*10

Defense: Amplifies guard by 1% for every 10 Defense. Defense = Intelligence*10

Salary: Salary is the hourly amount of gold a hero consumes. A hero with higher traits may require a higher salary.

Fidelity: Castellan's fidelity decreases the chance of mutiny or riot. Heroes with high fidelity are less likely to be captured. With fidelity below 50, heroes are likely to flee. Defeats decrease fidelity. Reward of gold or jewelry can increase fidelity.

Politics: 1 point of politics in castellan increases resource production, and speed of construction and fortification building by 1%.

Bravery: 1 point of Bravery in Captain General (Castellan if no Captain General is appointed) enhances troop training speed by 1%. 1 Bravery increases Offense by 10 and 3 Bravery regain heroes physical by 1.

Intelligence: 1 Intelligence point in Military Advisor (Castellan if no Military Advisor has been appointed) enhances researching speed by 1%. 1 Intelligence increases Defense by 10 and 3 Intelligence regain heroes mental by 1.