A Market

Where you can trade resources with merchants and other players. The higher its level the more transactions it can carry out at the same time.

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Lv. Prerequisites Population Required Food Lumber Stone Iron Time
1 none 50 1000 1000 1000 1000 25m 0s
2 none 100 2080 2075 2075 2075 55m 30s
3 none 200 4270 4255 4260 4265 2h 0m 25s
4 none 400 8690 8615 8640 8665 4h 15m 20s
5 none 800 17485 17230 17315 17400 8h 48m 30s
6 none 1600 34,795 34,025 34,280 34,535 17h 45m 35s
7 none 3200 68,475 66,350 67,050 67,760 1d 11h 3m 10s
8 none 6400 133250 127720 129540 131385 2d 19h 18m 5s
9 none 12,800 256375 242670 247165 251735 5d 5h 51m 15s
10 none 25,600 487625 455005 465660 476535 9d 13h 15m 3s

Buy/Sell Merc.Edit

If you are in need of resources or gold you may choose to buy or sell from the merchant. Buying or selling from the merchant guarantees an instant deal, at the additional cost of 5 diamonds/vouchers . The resources are sold/bought at the current official price.

Buy/Sell PlayerEdit

In the market you can buy/sell you resources from/to another player. It will take time for the resources to arrive, but does not consume any diamonds/vouchers. You can choose the ammount that you want to buy/sell, the visibilty range, and the price (within a set range). There is also an option to make the transaction only visible to league members.

Conveyor BeltEdit

The conveyor belt can be used to transport resources between your own cities. You can select the date and time that you wish the conveyor belt to transport the resources. There is also an option to have the conveyor belt run every day at that time automatically. To use the conveyor belt a Trade Caravan Bargain must be in effect, this item is effective for 3 days.