The Newbies Suit is an equipment set for Kingory that includes 12 different pieces of equipment. All parts of the suit require that the hero is level 10 before they can be worn.
Newbiew suit

Newbies Suit

Equipments IncludedEdit


When the entire newbies suit is worn, without including duplicates (only 1 weapon, ring, and trinket), the following attributes are gained.

Politics +8
Defence +32
Physical +1
Bravery +9
Intelligence +9
Mental +2
Manuever +4
Offence +10
Speed +15
  • Newbies Spaulders
  • Newbies Signet Ring
  • Newbies Signet
  • Newbies Shoulder Cape
  • Newbies Robe
  • Newbies Ride
  • Newbies Necklace Chain
  • Newbies Longsword
  • Newbies Helmet
  • Newbies Gloves
  • Newbies Girdle
  • Newbies Combat Boots