Scouting can prove to be very beneficial before an attack. Wildernesses can vary in the number of troops they have and it is difficult to be certain just by looking at the level of the wilderness. A scouting expedition requires at least 1 scout and does not require a hero to lead it. When the expedition reaches its target any scouts the defender has will engage in batte with your scouts. You cannot control this battle. Wildernesses that are not under a player's control do not have scouts in them so only 1 scout is needed to be succesful. When scouting a city or player owned wilderness more scouts may be needed. Level 3 reconnassiance is necessary to view the exact amount of units in a wilderness, and level 7 is needed for exact amounts in a city. Scouting before an attack can greatly reduce losses.

Intrepreting Scout ReportsEdit

Scout information / count description

Few 1-9
Several 10-24
Pack 25-49
Lots 50-99
Horde 100-249
Throng 250-499
Swarm 500-999
Zounds 1000-2499
Legion 2500-4999
Bulk 5000-9999
Giga 10,000+

Troops Type:

Rogue Yellow Turban Soldiers Rookies
Bandit Yellow Turban Veterans Pikeman
Brigand Yellow Turban Elites Swordsman
Mountedbandits Yellow Turban Captains Cavalries
Caterans Yellow Turban Archers Archers

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